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In learning, concentration is what's most essential; A child that achieves concentration
is immensely happy...
- Maria Montessori


Transforming lives of traditionally excluded children in El Salvador. HRF opens the opportunity for them to enjoy a high quality educational experience from the earliest age. Towards this end, HRF builds initial and pre-school education programs focusing on Montessori principles and practices.

HRF has signed cooperative agreements with the Instituto SalvadoreƱo para el Desarrollo integral de la NiƱez y la Adolescencia (ISNA) and the Municipalidad de San Salvador (City Hall). This is an exciting development as it opens the doors for us to introduce Montessori education in centers for early dhildhood development that serve the the poorest children of San Salvador.

The program helps bridge the gap in opportunities available to children from different socio-economic backgrounds. It brings a message a hope to all those boys and girls who, given the poverty into which they are born, have limited opportunities and options to transform their lives.