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What children see isn't simply remembered; it becomes part of their soul...
- Maria Montessori

The Hilda Rothschild Foundation (HRF) is a non-profit NGO established in 1994; the objective, to help women move out of poverty and disadvantage.

Since 2011, HRF is focusing on providing high quality initial and pre-school education to the children of the poor, establishing and supervising programs in education for children ages 0 to 6, and training teachers in Montessori education principles and practices.

The Hilda Rothschild Foundation works closely with its sister in-country organization in El Salvador, La Fundación Hilda Rothschild para la Educación de la Mujer y la Niñez (FHR)


Hilda Rothschild, was a prominent educator who inspired generations of professionals in Montessori education and child development. As a young woman escaping from Nazi Germany during WWII, she had the opportunity to study with Maria Montessori in Paris. Hilda Rothschild was later instrumental in establishing the Masters Program in Montessori Education at Xavier University in Cincinnati.

In the late 1970’s Mrs. Rothschild visited El Salvador as a consultant to the Montessori school founded by Lillian Moncada-Davidson. The two women formed a lasting friendship. At the Hilda Rothschild Foundation, we honor her memory upholding her outstanding values: integrity, dedication to work, and a love for all children.


Lillian Moncada-Davidson, PH.D., Founder of the Hilda Rothschild Foundation (HRF); Professor in the sociology of education at Queens College of the City University of New York. As a “teacher of teachers”, she donates her time and knowledge providing service to women and children living in condiditons of poverty in El Salvador. Today she directs the establishment of initial and pre-school education with a focus on Montessori, as well as providing training for teachers and mother educators.

Helene Salomon, President and Development Director of the sister organization in El Salvador, la Fundación Hilda Rothschild para la Educación de la Mujer y la Niñez (FHR.) An architect by training, Helene donates her work in benefit of the development of Salvadoran children.